Am I who you see yourself to be

Hi! I'm a 21 years old italian girl, and I'm a huge fan of Emma Stone, Taylor Cole and Hayley Atwell.
Photoshop addict, brallie shipper, the fosters junkie, the white queen fan, richard and annie shipper. Sadiel is the way, Zaylor, but my zaylor, aka Taylor cole and Zac Efron.


Because we are the center.

Hayley Atwell | Boobs [2/2]

Hayley Atwell | Boobs [2/2]

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Hayley Atwell | Boobs [1/2]

Hayley Atwell | Boobs [1/2]

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We’ll go down to the bar to meet everyone and they’d be like, “Right, we’re off” so we just have to go back up to our room for a sleepover. But that will change when I turn eighteen.

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